Top Five Villas and Mansions for Rent in Miami in 2020

Top Five Villas and Mansions for Rent in Miami in 2020

South Florida is home to some of the most extravagant Villas and Mansions for rent in Miami. These elite properties are on the most famous Islands within Biscayne Bay. Residents of these islands include actors, actresses, celebrities, athletes, business tycoons, and more. The Venetian Islands, Star Island, Hibiscus Island, and Palm Island are where you will find the most amazing villas and mansions for rent in Miami!

Villa Glacia - Rentals in Miami

Villa Glacia – Rentals in Miami

Villa Glacia

This masterpiece among homes is the epitome of luxury and luxury living with it’s towering walls of glass. From floor to ceiling, the aqua blue glass surrounds many exterior walls and rooms in the house. Natural light brought in through the huge windows in this modern mansion is so serene.


Villa Jupiter

Ultra-modern sleek and stylish is the name of the game with this Villa! With a pool that resembles a moat that meanders throughout the property is truly fit for kings and queens. Luxury designers look at Villa Jupiter as an architectural work of art. Blue multi-leveled pools and below water level dining area sets this Villa apart from the rest. Villa Jupiter is unique, top of it’s class, and it rightfully happens to be one of our most expensive properties to rent!

Villa Jupiter - Rentals in Miami

Villa Jupiter – Rentals in Miami


Villa Jupiter Pool View

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Villa Mui

Raise your hand it you’d like a massive glass infinity pool on the roof of your mansion! If you’re the type of cat who needs to see this you have to check out Villa Mui. Pictures speak for itself, but imagine splashing your next door neighbor when your friend does a cannonball in the pool. Honestly guys and gals, this villa is one of my favorites because of the rooftop pool and the interior. Guitars lining the walls, art and architecture, curves from the ceiling to the floor, and a beautiful wall to wall fireplace on the first floor living room!

Villa Mui – Mansion Rentals in Miami


Villa Mui – Drone pool view

Villa Taö

Taö is an incredible Balinese-style home. Huge waterfront property with a special surprise for all our NBA Athletes and basketball fanatics like Mark Cuban :). Escape to a property that looks like a luxury pad straight out of Bali. We will also leave a few coconuts and tropical fruit for you in the kitchen to really sell the experience. 

Villa Tao - Villa Rentals in Miami

Villa Tao – Villa Rentals in Miami


Villa Tao Basketball Court

Villa Tao Basketball Court


Villa Farfalla

Last but not least we have the popular Italian style Villa Farfalla. Immaculate Italian architecture was the number one priority for this property. Walking out back to the pool is breathtaking to see a 70ft waterfront property, dock, and your beautiful Italian yacht swaying in the background. We have a special appreciation for Villa Farfalla because of her eccentric appearance, and the owners Italian background, this Mansion’s beauty and undeviating opulence speaks for itself.