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Vera Villas Bradenton division offers premier property management services for all types of investment properties. We give you the opportunity to pay off your mortgage without you lifting a finger. Let us give you a hand in making your investment property worthwhile. With our highly trained and knowledgeable staff, we will take care of your home, gain your trust and prove to you that we are the Property Management Company you have been looking for! With years of experience handling short-term vacation rentals, commercial properties, and residential property management in Bradenton, we have the insight you need.

Vera Villas Property Management offers well rounded, business savvy experts that have been a part of Bradenton, FL for years. We come with experience, prestige and property management profundity. Our team comes with the best PMIC/Broker in Bradenton

Vera Luxury Villas offers short term vacation rentals, long term annual rentals and maintenance services. Our location includes but is not limited to the Bradenton Beach area where we will graciously take on the respect, responsibility and caring for your home. We work with exceedingly skilled property managers and house cleaners for the ultimate meticulous experience. You are not just gaining a property management company; you are gaining a family.

Bradenton Short-Term Rental Vacation Property Management Advantage

Exceptional Return on your Investment Property

VRMA Certified

VRMA Certified Housekeeping Best Practices

Showcase you property to millions of Bradenton vacationers

Bradenton Real Estate Investor Owned & Operated


See how much revenue your property can generate!

    Earn more from your Bradenton Investment Property

    Our properties are showcased and consistently rented. We take property marketing seriously with pricing strategy and hundreds of real estate mediums utilized.

    Professional Housekeeping & Maintenance

    Our in-house maintenance and cleaning team are scheduled before, after, and during rentals for maximum exposure to the property. Our properties are better taken care of with more boots on the ground keeping an eye on everything.

    Exceptional Booking and Leasing Experience

    Our reservations agents are experts at customer service. We hire employees with customer service in mind. Every new lease or booking is taken with care and delicately vetted so that we are putting the right tenants or vacationers in our properties.


    At Vera we believe that professionalism, organization, and great relationships are the staples of property management. In a city like Bradenton, FL, a referral goes a long way. Our customers are so pleased with our property management services, that our name has caught attention all over Bradenton. We would not be where we are today if it weren't for our customers!

    Professionalism and organization is a must in this industry. Having the right software in place is vital in order to keep track or maintenance services, reservations, accounting, and every one of our customers. We invested in the right property management software early on so that we could keep track of everything.

    From residential to commercial and short-term rental property management, our Bradenton services are completely turn-key. From the moment we start onboarding your property, we take a systematic approach to make sure no stone is left unturned. From scheduling, maintenance, housekeeping, reservations, pricing, lease agreements, we take care of your property from top to bottom. If you have a property in Bradenton, give us a call to explore our property management services!


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