Best Bars and Restaurants in Miami 2020

Best Bars and Restaurants in Miami 2020

Let’s start off with the important things, food (and drinks). We’ve compiled a list of the best bars and restaurants in Miami that we want YOU to visit! Also, no, we have not accepted $ for advertising, these are actually our favorites 🙂 After living in Miami for over 20 years, restaurants have come and go, however, some have been here for much longer than I have. This brings us to our first pick-

Joe’s Stone Crab

This restaurant has been around for over 100 years, and for good reason! If you’re planning on dining at this famous spot, you’d better call ahead! Even celebrities, notables, and the elite dine out at Joe’s Stone Crab on special occasions. The setting is extremely elegant; it looks like it’s straight out of the royal banquet hall!


We absolutely love rooftop bars. There is something about being 40 stories high and enjoying a fine cocktail that is so appealing. If you’re like us, you have to check out this bar. It is such a staple, and when my friends come to visit Miami, this is exactly where I take them! The setting is beautiful with a great lounge overlooking Brickell. The bar is a tower of fine liquors, bitters, and various bottles that is completely lit up and glows at night! They must have a great greenskeeper too, because the trees and greenery are beautiful!


This is a personal favorite of mine. If you are a sushi fan, raise your hand, then grab an Uber and check out Intimo! They serve Peruvian & Japanese cuisine mixed together to give your taste buds an emotional joy ride through wonderland. Wow, yes they really do make incredible Peruvian dishes, and of course, Sushi and Japanese dishes that will blow you away. If you go please tell the head chef/owner, Juan, we said hello!

The Broken Shaker

Ok, back to the bars. The Broken Shaker is definitely the place to stop by to have a drink. Before you hit the club, stop by this staple craft cocktail bar for a drink. You will be amazed how much the bartenders know about booze. They will leave you in awe, it’s like a laboratory for fine craft drinks in this place. Anyway, take it from me, stop by here and try the Coral Castle, you can thank me later 🙂

Jaguar Sun

Yes you heard us right. This sounds like the epitome of mixed drinks right? Well just ask the bartenders to make you a Jaguar Sun, and get ready! The bar sits at the bottom of Building X Miami, which is a beautiful residential building downtown. The bartenders are like hawks, and they will serve you quickly, so if you hate waiting at the bar to be served, this place is for you!

Visit Vera!

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Best bars and restaurants in Miami

Best Bars and Restaurants in Miami